Nancy Wu is a finance professional by trade and has an eye for passion. She is editor in chief for, a Vancouver food blog focused on food journalism, lifestyle, travel, branding and social media. Nancy is passionate about invoking vivid imagery, descriptive personal experience and public relations. She is digitally savvy and energetic about content marketing, digital relationships and food photography.
From choker necklaces to slip dresses, Pokémon is another 90s fave making a comeback this year. Thousands of nostalgic fans can be seen travelling across the city with their smartphones in search of animated creatures. Check out this list of Pokéstops in and around Vancouver where you can fuel up, meet fellow Pokémon trainers, and catch rare legendary species like elusive Growlithes. [Photo credit:]
How did summer just sneak up on us like that? With the weather finally starting to heat up, there’s no better time to grab that tasty cold smoothie packed with nutrients and vitamins. There are plenty of options around town, whether you’re a hardcore green monster or looking to dabble in a fruity mix. Check out these fresh summer smoothies and healthy snack options in Vancouver. [Image courtesy of The Juice Truck]
You don't wear the same clothes everyday, so why would you want to do the same workouts? ClassPass let’s you stimulate your muscles and your mind with a variety of unique and challenging fitness classes at studios all over the city. From heart racing spinning rides to torturous TRXworkouts, ClassPass ambassador Nancy Wu shares her favourite Vancouver workout studios for a daily sweat sesh. [Image courtesy of Nancy Wu]
Today’s go-go-go society can take its toll and burden our bodies with unwanted stress. That’s why it’s so important to detox and rid your mind, body, and soul from unnatural substances and negative mindset. Vancouver is home to a variety of healthy spas, juice bars and workout studios where you can work on maintaining a healthy, balanced, positive lifestyle. [Photo credit: Nancy Wu]
Looking to nourish your mind, body and soul with a series of sun salutations? Find a welcoming community and passionate teachers who will build you up and help rinse away the day. There’s a yoga studio near you where you’ll rediscover your inner self. Namaste.
Baby it’s hot outside! Vancouver has plenty of unique and delicious ice treats to help you cool down. Here’s the inside scoop for the ultimate chill out.
Vancouver’s hole-in-the-wall restaurants and dive bars sometimes offer the most delicious and authentic meals in the city. With unassuming exteriors and well-worn interior decor, these under-the-radar spots just might surprise you. Forget your Sunday best and just come with an open mind and empty stomach!
You are what you eat, so why not nourish yourself from within. These conveniently located grocers offer organic, sustainable and ethically raised meats that are free of hormones, antibiotic and chemicals. More than just somewhere to pick up the milk, these Vancouver grocers are supporting a community of local farmers and growers.
It’s easy to get your sweat on at Vancouver’s small, specialized workout studios. Each of these boutique fitness studios will challenge and motivate you in ways a treadmill cannot, whether you’re a exercise enthusiast or just there for a good time. Work it!
Craft beer culture in Vancouver has exploded in recent years and dozens of microbreweries have sprouted up all over town. So which brewery should you hop to next? Many of these local spots are within biking distances of each other, so why not leave the car at home and go on a biking tour to sample some of the city’s best ales, lagers, stouts and porters.
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