Jason Manchego - Consultant/Trainer'What Our Clients Say'''My consultant took the time to develop a customized meal plan and a personalized exercise plan that fit my likes and dislikes and my busy schedule. That was the key to success for me.''Layle''I have taken what I learned and use it every day. Who knew that being healthy was so easy Leesha'I was excited when I heard about the program because I felt like I had reached a plateau. After starting I was excited but didn't expect these kind of results! Total Health and Fitness helped me reach my goals and is the only way to achieve true success!'Tyson'It was hard work, but the end result was worth it!'Tiffani'At 65 years old and no gym pass, I couldn't believe these changes could be possible at this point in my life. I used a ball, 8 lb dumbbells, and some resistance bands along with proper guidelines. I have changed my lifestyle!'Carolyn'After having triplets I was told by doctors the only way to restore my pre-pregnancy body was through plastic surgery more...
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