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Boyle Pizza House: Good Pizza

During my time in Boyle I have ordered pizza from Tara's, and Bills but never thought of trying the Boyle Pizza House until a friend of mine convinced me to and I never went back. Service: The staff are kind, friendly, and always willing to help you with whatever you need, and are really understanding if you have to run to the atm to pay them; which most pizza joints aren't. Food; The pizza is excellent, I'm not to sure if their Italian Sausage is homemade but it certainly tastes homemade. Their dough is the perfect balance of yeast and salt, most people have cardboard crust, not them their crust has good flavor. Lastly a good marinara sauce is the base of a good pizza and the marinara is not overly sweet, or over spiced its just an instrument in a symphony of flavor. Atmosphere: The atmosphere although not the most impressing part of the experience it does have that "little Saskatchewan town bar" feel to it which is charming on it's own which gets a 2.5/5 from me. Summary: They aren't just cooking to make money, they cook because they love it and it shows in the food; Compared to the pre-cooked, frozen sysco burgers and fries places in boyle this is deserving of an award. I'd come back in a heart beat

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