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This has been the...

This has been the most ridiculous buying experience of my entire life. I took my two young girls in there back in April excitedly they picked out their new bunk bed we were told May 1st it would be available for pick up. May first comes I call as I was instructed... Told no sorry it will be ready on the 9th the bed rails are missing. Ok call the 9th no sorry the 13 th, on the 13 the no sorry the 17th, on the 17th no sorry but I guarantee it will be ready on the 20. On the 20th oh we never make guarantees could still be another week. Go in speak in person with the guy who sold me the bed ( who despite all this is actually very pleasant to deal with) should be tomorrow and ready to pick up the 22nd. Call the 22nd still shows delivers to the warehouse on the 21st they probably just haven't unloaded it yet. Call back the store today now it's not showing as arriving at the warehouse today could be a few more days to pick up yet for sure not gonna be today though. Wrote customer service 4 days ago to file a complaint still have heard nothing back still waiting for my darn bed still haven't had any decent explanation as to what the heck is going on. I will never in my life spend another penny at this or any other brick. Just a tip perhaps you'd have to deal with this a lot less ( woman on the phone today said oh those bed rails we always have to wait on bed rails!!) make it a requirement the manufacturer sends all the pieces in one shipment!!! Why would you send a bed without the rails that hold it together!!!!


I order bedroom s...

I order bedroom set and couches after 2 month of agonizing pain and bills for this stores disregarde for paper work half my things ended up at somone elts house when i called them and informed them what they had done they did not fix the problem i had to go to a random persons house and collect the items my self in total i lost 6 days of lost wages due to there mistakes i would not recomend anyone ever shoping at any brick. And defenatly never get them to deliver.


New Tables

While shopping for our new home we needed some new tables for the living room! We stopped at all the store but everything we saw didnt fit. We finally decided to go to the Brick, they were having a sale and we saw a few tables we had seen at another store but they were half the price! We picked them up and had them set up in the new house in no time and they look great!

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