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Very good store, clean and well organized. I've been a costco member since 2008 in Canada and prior to that about 1.5 years in UK - I love this store! The only thing i didn't like recently is the attitude of people who work at the gas station. I came in at about 9-30pm with an empty tank and found that i've lost my costco membership card. I begged him to sell me at least 1 liter of fuel so i could get to a nearest gas station, because the closest one was at superstore. The employee didn't bother even looking at the fact i indeed had low fuel indicator etc and was mean in responding to my plea. On my next visit to costco i've restored the card. I realize that it is my fault loosing a card and at 9-30pm its too late to get a new card as the store is close. However, I am still shivering from the fact that gas station employee could be so casual to those who are in need, especially at night hours.

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Great Vision

My family has been a client for 4 years and have enjoyed professional, knowledgeable staff who put a personal touch on service. The prices, especially on contacts are amazing. I am saving easily 50% on my contacts.

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