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Never again

Started out loving this place, when my dog was young and in the puppy/small dog room/s, but in the end, hated it. Big dogs spend the day in the big room, unsupervised at times, and dirty, dirty, dirty. Unsupervised means messes are not cleaned up as they happen, which means your dog rolls around and steps in it if they're playing. Gross. And no outdoor space, which means no fresh air (we were told they were going to expand the space out back when we first started taking our dog here - that didn't happen. Nor did the dog trainer they said they had working in the afternoons do anything to work or train with our dog, like they said). Instead, he was never discouraged from jumping up on the counters at the front looking for treats - instead, he was rewarded, every time we picked him up. There he was, standing with his paws on the counter, and there he was, getting a cookie for it. Some of the staff were less than friendly, and to reinforce that assessment, after taking our dog there for months (more than 6), and seeing two of the staff members at Southland dog park recently, they did not even acknowledge our dog, even though he clearly recognized them and was trying to say hi. He is a very distinguishable dog, not one that could be mixed up with any other, and they just brushed him out of their way, would not even say hi or pet him. Dog lovers? I think not. Not sure why they're working there to be honest, if you can treat a dog like that. I would never recommend this place.

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