We at Edges Salon & Spa deeply believe that if we make other peoples' happiness a part of what makes us happy we can gradually change the world. This is the heart of our concept & our ongoing mission.
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Don't waste your money here

I have had fairly decent experiences at the edges spa, although it is bit overpriced; However the salon is another story! I went in with blonde hair and just asked them to touch up my roots (which are dark) and put in a few foils. Believe it or not when the hairdresser finished my roots they were darker than my natural hair color!!! And if you think thats bad, she got offensive when I told her she didn't do what I asked for and that it needs to be redone. She tried to send me out the door with black roots and blonde ends! Finally, I told her I can't go home like this so she ended up bleach washing my hair which made my ends dry and brittle. This turned my roots an orangy brown. At this point my hair was too damaged to try and fix it for a few week so I just left. Oh and the highlights werent bleached properly so they were orangy and brassy too. I called in a day later and told them that I am moving out of town in 2 days and I am really not happy and the hairdresser herself has suggested I don't do anything else to my hair. Not only did the manager not give me a penny back, she told me I was wrong and that I was happy when I left the salon!!!! All in all I ended up paying over $150 at edges and then paying another$180 for color correction when I left town.

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October 4, 2010

First of all I would like to thank you for your feedback. I am trying to locate your file in our salon data base however because I don't have your information I can not do so. I wanted to look into this situation and help everyone come to a appropriate solution. If you would kindly pass on your information to me or contact me directly I would be happy to assist you. This feedback is great and no matter if good or bad we want to keep in touch with our guests and assure them we are here to pamper not upset them. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you Lina

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