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terrible service,...

terrible service, right as i called to book an appointment, they started yelling and asking me what i wanted disrespectfully. Hung up on me without any answer after my 5th attempt to tell them when i want my nails done.

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Go ... but see the right person!

As I depend on reviews when trying out new places, here's mine in hopes that it does the same for you. Today was my first time at Jack's Classic Nails & Spa (in McKenzie Towne). My friend and I called in to make a pedicure appointment and they were able to fit us in within the hour. Like most nail salons, we had to wait for our services, but they allowed us to sit in the pedicure massage chairs and soak our feet while we waited. So far so good, right? This is where is gets bad. As the water was a bit cold, I had asked one of the employees (Yang) if she could make our water warmer - it totally put her out, she was not happy that I had asked and in return she made the water for the both of us unbearably hot. So, we both just put our feet on the edges of the tub/sink and figured we would wait until the water cooled down on its own. Thankfully, another employee (Kathy) came by to start my pedicure and asked why my feet were not in the water. She graciously fixed the temperature and began my pedicure. Kathy was polite and paid attention to ensure my experience would be a good one. She did a great job on my pedicure! My friend on the other hand, she got stuck with Yang and it didn't get any better. Her feet were red from the hot water and she got a mediocre pedicure (her heels were not scrubbed properly). So we came out of our experience thinking that if you see the right person (I recommend Kathy) then book an appointment. If you get stuck with someone who clearly hates their job, walk out before you pay for a service that you won't be pleased with. Hope this helps, cheers!

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Horrible Experience

I went to the salon this past weekend for a manicure/pedicure with my sister. After waiting 20 minutes for them to start the services, I decided to pay the extra $15 to get shalack, supposedly guarenteed to last 2-3 weeks. They did a rush job and I said that my cuticles were showing too much but they said they couldn't do anything about it. I went to pay and one of the ladies typed something into a calculator and said $84.00. When my sister was finished. she was only charged $63.00 when we both had the exact same service. When I tried to get refunded for over paying, they said they couldn't do that and I could only get a gift certificate for the remainder. I left very unimpressed. Day 1 - two nails completely peeled back and the polish lifted off in one piece (luckily I had a similar colour but you can tell in the pictures). Day 2 - two more nails completely chipped. Look at the pictures...I will never go back.

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