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We sat on the bar side instead of the restaurant side. The service was very good. We were offered menus right away, the apps were brought out first and we had enough time ti eat them before dinner showed up. The server was attentive and friendly. The food was good as well. The salmon salad received high marks as did the beef vindaloo. My cheese burger was good, not great but good. The chicken club was also rated as pretty decent. The attire on the servers is decidedly different on the bar side and may not be well received by more conservative folks.

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A couple friends and I visited one evening after...

A couple friends and I visited one evening after work for drinks and dinner. Excellent patio atmosphere, and great service. The food was delicious, and drinks were also tasty. The waitress was very good at up-selling and suggesting items on the menu. You could tell that it is part of their training, but she wasn't pushy. She also always ensured our water was full, and asked us if we wanted another Bellini when she saw they were getting low. The decor is very trendy and very well-appointed. The women's bathroom is very neat - something you don't see often at chain-style restaurants. The only issue that all three of us had with the place was the interesting dresscode for the waitresses. The skirts were REALLY short, so short that I would hate to see what would happen if they bent over. For families, I am not sure that's the best atmosphere but, aside from that - great place!

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Great Service! My friend and I went here on a...

Great Service! My friend and I went here on a Saturday night and the wait was 50 mins. We had the option of sitting on the patio with no wait, so we did, but it was cold and overcast outside. We ordered drinks and our food. The drinks were delicious and our waitress was very nice! I love their white beach bellini here. It had started to rain and was getting really cold so we asked a waiter if there was any way we could be put on a list to sit inside. The manager came to our table and said we would be accommodated as soon as possible. In about 5 minutes he came and took us to a table inside. Our food came promptly and was delicious. During our meal 3 to 4 different people had asked us if everything was okay. They even gave us our dessert for free. We were treated like VIP and everyone was so helpful. I have been here many times before and have not been disappointed once. The atmosphere is great on both the bar and dining side. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone.

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The food was great, with average service...pretty...

The food was great, with average service...pretty expensive meal

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Very pleased with everything

I have been there on a number of occasions..lunch and dinner and have always had a very positive dining experience. The staff was very pleasant and were able to discuss the menu choices and make suggestions that were excellent. I love spinach salad and their spinach salad is the best. I always ask for extra dressing on the side. Service was excellent and friendly and not at all obtrusive.Whenever my beverage appeared to be getting low a new one appeared sometimes without me noticing. I have never felt rushed and in fact my lunch today on their outside patio was 2 hours long..I am retired! Their white chocolate brownie is amazing..a must have and a definite must share..too large for one person. I will go back. I have gone back numerous times and everyone that I have taken has enjoyed the experience from my young niece to my 90 year old father-in-law. I love the washrooms...have to see. As well a walk through the bar is amazing. Atmosphere is very chic and very comfortable. I give it top marks.

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I agree with the other reviewer about the poor...

I agree with the other reviewer about the poor lighting. I noticed a table of elderly folks desperately trying to see their food. The decor was quite nice but I just feel that it is trying really hard to be chic and cool. I also agree about the miniskirted door opener....actually there were 2 when we were there and they were quite enjoying a chat with each other! What their purpose is remains a mystery. I ordered the beef vindaloo which was quite tasty but a little on the cold side. My husband ordered some kind of chicken sandwich which in my opinion was unedible. It was a chicken breast with cheese and panchetta. It was so salty it burnt my taste buds. At first I thought it might be the pancetta but after I tasted each ingredient I think it was the coating on the chicken. I couldn't even eat it. We had some kind of deep fried banana tortilla thing for dessert. It was very rich but split between the two of us it was perfect. I might go her again if a friend requested.

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Dark and rushed, but the food was good

This restaurant is nice if you like dark restaurants. As well, halfway through my meal the lights went out in my section for about 5 minutes. The waiter didn't mention it and when I did he said that it was because of construction. O-kay. The food is expensive, but good, the brownie is unbelievable. The waiter was taking his time chatting away with some customers and rushing others. In my case, when I was finally able to flag him down, he handed me the debit machine and took off without a word. I had to tear off my own receipt because he never came back! On the way out, both doors were opened by mini-skirted women, wishing me a good night. There were another half dozen of them just standing around. Seems to me that this place needs more servers and less mini-skirted greeters. Most likely will not be back anytime soon.

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