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3-10015 Oakfield Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2V 1S9
We are an all breed dog and cat grooming salon that has been serving Calgary and area pets since 1994. Our clients are of all breeds, sizes, ages, and temperments. Please call for an appointment or please feel free to read on and find out more about us. We look forward to meeting you and your pet! New clients always welcome! Walk-ins are accepted. Ask about our nail and dental programs. More...

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Linda G. Highly Recommends Pauline's Dog Grooming

We, my little, old (14 yrs) Jenni and I found Pauline when she opened her retail location near our home in the Cedarbrae area over two years ago. Jenni used to be completely stressed and upset after her grooming's and now she comes home a happy pup. Pauline & her staff are efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and the quality of grooming provided is excellent. I am now taking advantage of the dental care and brushings that she offers. Appointments are easy to make and they are always so accommodating What more could a small dog owner want. She offers it all in a friendly, comfortable setting for both owner and pet.

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June 19, 2015

Just read your review. Pawline's is under new ownership and we strive to continue with the same passion, love and great service.


R.B.'s Favorite Groomer

I have taken my dog to Pauline's for the past 7 years and would not hesitate to recommend her to other dog owners. Pauline is a kind, efficient, knowledgeable groomer who genuinely likes her 4 legged clients. Prices are reasonable and I never have a problem getting an appointment that's convenient for me. I like not having to leave my dog all day and appreciate that instead of waiting for me in a kennel he is able to socialize with other dogs. I live in the NW but happily drive to where ever Pauline's business takes her. I go for the quality of service my dog goes for the treats!

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Consistent and Caring

I've had my dog for a decade and Pauline is the only groomer who can get it right. My dog has curved dew claws and various lumps and bumps which other groomers have invariably nicked or made bleed. Pauline's staff do a terrific job and while they aren't veterinarians, they know the physiology of the Bichon/Shih-Tzu breed and have alerted me to some of my pet's potential health issues. Things are always buzzing and happy. The dogs get along and are treated like royalty. My dog is always returned to me happy and neatly groomed, including freshly brushed teeth if I request it. No ragged or uneven cuts like other salons. Pauline's nail card ensures I can take my dog in every couple weeks to have the nails trimmed at no charge so that it isn't such an ordeal during the grooming date. The regular rates are equal to or less than other groomers I have tried. I've learned my lesson the hard way. Pauline's is the only Dog Groomer who cares for my dog in a way that meets my high expectations. I drive clear across the city to patronize Pauline's and will continue to do so as long as she's in business!

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Great Grooming

We have been using Pauline's services for the almost 14 years of our dog's life. We have always been able to get appointments around the time we want - no matter where Pauline has located her business. Her service is consistent and high quality and well priced. No complaints. Her new store offers many things for the dog lover and is always a friendly and happy place to stop by and have a chat while your dog is being groomed.

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Wonderful, excellent service!

I have been with Pauline and her grooming services since I first got my puppy 5 years ago. I have followed her from Balzac, to Crossfields, and now to Oakfield, and I continue to go to her even though I live in the NW. That's how good she is! My dog loves her; he is always happy at Pauline's. She does indeed know her dogs, especially Bichon-Shitzu's. When my dog has medical issues, she has great advice and it helps - sometimes more than my vet! I have never disliked my dog's haircut but they keep asking if his haircut is good and would fix it in a second if there were issues. I completely recommend her to anyone!

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Quick & efficient dog grooming in my neighborhood!

We have been using Paulines for a couple of years. Not only is she in our neighbourhood, but we don't have to wait 3 months to get an appointment. We were getting frustrated by not being able to get a timely appointment with our other groomer, so we decided to try out Paulines. The staff are friendly and caring....the prices are reasonable....and they really care about getting the right hair cut for our dog every time, and she doesn't have to be there for the whole day like some other groomers. If we are not happy, they go out of their way to find out what we want. I would highly recommend them if you are new & looking for a groomer, or are dissatisfied with your current groomer.

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Pauline has been grooming our two little dogs for the past two years. Recently she phoned to alert us about a possible serious medical condition in one of our dogs. She advised us to take her immediately to the vet and it turned out that with her prompt action she saved the life of our pet. She knows her stuff !!! The staff are all so friendly and competent and our dogs look forward to their visits. Pauline's facility is clean and well organized. Instead of putting dogs in wire cages, they are allowed to socialize together and this has proven very beneficial for our dogs. We have been to many other groomers in the past and we prefer her approach to grooming and overall care of our pets.

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July 26, 2010

I am always happy to be able to assist my clients and their owners in making sure I do the job to the best of my ability. I love my job and the dogs and people who come. I always look forward to having them come in, even if it's just a drop in visit for a cookie!

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Places to pamper your pooch in Calgary

Places to pamper your pooch in Calgary

Pauline’s Dog Grooming Salon has been operating for over 20 years. They offer a discount for multi-dog families, and are open some Sundays if you make an appointment beforehand. Have a cat with a coat that needs trimming as well? You’re in luck! They also groom cats!

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