We are a general cleaning and maintenance company established in in 1967 that serves both the residential and commercial marketsEstablished in 1967.We are a general cleaning and maintenance company established in in 1967 that serves both the residential and commercial markets.For more than over 4 years Ram has grown to offer a comprehensive selection of cleaning and maintenance services, from maid services and carpet cleaning to furnace cleaning and lawn maintenance.Ram Cleaning Services tries to be a leader by being focused on details. There is a comprehensive orientation and training program for employees, weekly quality control out in the field, and phone feedbacks from our office to ensure and guarantee a high quality of work and customer satisfaction.Our uniformed and bonded employees enjoy the type of work we do, and consequently many have been doing this work for a long time and have gained the profi More...

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I recently finished some renovations and needed my wool area rug and my honeycomb window covers cleaned. My friend recommended Ram The girl I spoke to was really informative, and even offered me a Saturday pick up. My blinds are older and I had a few strings broken, before cleaning one of the ladys at Ram called me and asked if I wanted them fixed. My window coverings and carpet came so clean, the repairs and cleaning were done in only a week.

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The lady I originally booked the appointment with did not give me any instructions when it came to an area rug cleaning. When they came they said they could not do it because it was on hardwood floor. They said they could do the bedroom carpet but at double the price now. I called the office and spoke with Holly who after explaining my situation assured me that someone was coming within the hour to clean my carpet at the original quote.They never showed up!!

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I hired RAM to clean my home on a monthly basis. I signed a contract with them and specified what needed to be cleaned. Following one of the appointments, it was obvious that they failed/neglected to clean sections of my house. Specifically, it was obvious that they hadn't even bothered to vaccum the floors. I immediately took pictures and emailed them to their customer service rep. When I hadn't heard back after a week, I followed up with a phone call. The lady I spoke with didn't once apologize. She made excuses as to why the maids didn't do a proper job of cleaning. She advised that the best she could do was take off a small amount from my bill. I would NEVER use RAM again. Definite waste of money.

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Furnace clean the Best

I recently bought my house and was told that I needed to have my furnace and ducts cleaned by the home inspector, He refered me to Ram Cleaning Services. I was impressed by the technician who cleaned my furnace as he took the time to listen to my questions and gave me good advice as to how often I should have my furnace and ducts cleaned and how to maintain it inbetween cleans. As a first time home owner, this advise was helpful and very beneficial and I appreciated that he took the time to talk to me. I will recommend Ram Cleaning Services to my family and friends!

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