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Be sure to come at 8 pm

The night specials at Sakana are great. You can get a loveboat for either $20.00-$30.00, which is an insane price. The service however, is very questionable. I usually joke with my friends that if they are ordering a drink to get two, because the waiter does not come back after the food is out and sure enough we never get checked on after our entrees have arrived. The flavors not completely Japanese and have a western fusion. The salad dressing is delicious and the egg-drop soup is a must. If you are trying to plan a party I would definitely recommend Sakana Grill. They have fun traditions that they make the birthday girl/boy do, and the restaurant is very accommodating. The decorations are also very nice. If it weren’t for the service I would probably rate this restaurant much higher.

Outing Type: Casual

Price Range: $25per person

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