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Why Not? - here's why! - horrible.

Here's the short version: 1) Ordered a salad and asked if it had bacon bits - "because I don't eat meat". Half the lettuce was bright yellow. 2) My "cheese" tortellini arrived and was stuffed with veal. - did I mention I don't eat meat? yes... I did. So what happened? I was told that the "menu said it had veal" - except the menu DIDN'T mention veal - or any meat - just cheese. AND - I had already said I don't eat meat. The waitress argues with me, then I hear the chef yelling "what a waste" and doesn't even know what their own menu says. So I get to hear the waitress argue with the chef - all of which we over-hear. Horrible. Of course, the waitress makes a point of letting us know we are the only table and she was "hoping to get home". Bad service, poor menu ... over-priced too. Sad. Avoid.

Outing Type: Casual

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I love this place! Food is to die for, service is...

I love this place! Food is to die for, service is excellent! You can't have a bad experience here.

Price Range: $60per person

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