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I don't usually w...

I don't usually write reviews like this, but given the other terrible reviews I felt like I had to give my, more positive side of the story. This is a very busy Medical Clinic and pharmacy, yes. However! The staff are always very friendly, and very respectful. Often there are long wait times to see a doctor if you do not have an appointment, and I imagine the staff are often very stressed. But they are NEVER disrespectful, and they always do their best to get people through the lineup.

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You can never get...

You can never get ahold of anyone to make an appointment. Wait time isn't bad, doctors are good. Staff can be terrible though.

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the worst of worst

I had to give one star rating because there is no rating below I can give!! Let me see where to start.....rude staff, waiting time some time worst then medicenter( this is supposed to be a privatel run ), no respect whatsover for patients. Sign posted everywhere against zero tollerance policy against staff but what about patients being treated with no respect? No body seems to care about patients just get as many peeople so that can get more money from Alberta Health. Nothing against Doctos but they are the ones running this center. We need to get more reviews for people so that they know the reality and we can send message across. I will be sending an email to Alberta Health to see if there is any audit mechanism in place.

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