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Be careful what you read, no one was cut

I was at Diva Nails the same time another reviewer was there(june 6). Diva Nails went above and beyond to make their customers happy , they took there time and changed colour on both toes and hands three times (which they did not have to do, but wanted to please their client), but evelyn demanded money back (because any of the 3 different color SHE chose she didnt like) , yelled and swore at the workers and customers, me included. I told her to leave in an attempt to help the worker in a very stressful situation. It was stressful for me too. I love diva nails, but really don't like some other customers that ruin my time in their attempts for free service. I will return hopefully without having the same customers there again. Besides some disruption my experience at Diva Nails was very good. I paid and tipped the girl that helped me because she did a very good job. I didn't bother attempting getting my service for free.

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Cut my cuticle!

Save your money and don't go get your nails done at this place. It may seem like a good deal but it is the worst service so really, it was the worst value for my money. The girl who attended me cut my cuticles on both my feet and my hand to the point that there was so much blood that I didn’t finished getting my nails done - I asked her to stop because she kept cutting me! She tried to put finishing polish on my hand nails but then she put the polish and tried to file my nails while the polish was still wet!?! It was the worst experience I have ever had anywhere. Don’t use this place, it’s terrible and they have horrible services!!!

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Very nice little nail place

This place is awesome! They charge 50$ for acrylic set and GST is included.The ladies here are very nice and I really appreciated that they were speaking to me in English and not just speaking amonst themselves. They did a great job on my nails and unlike other places I have gone to before, they got very close to the cuticle so my nails still looked awesome after one week of having them. I will be returning here to get my nails done again soon!

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