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Wort Pub Ever

This was the worst experience I've had a restaurant. All the things that happened to us was very unprofessional. They only had tables for groups of 4 and there was 5 of us so we had to pull a table together and got glares for doing so. When we asked for an extra menu because we were only gave 4 it was tossed at us. There was 5 of us and we ordered a standard amount of food for that number of people. The cook stormed past us and yelled loudly "I don't have enough room in my kitchen to cook all that food!" We had to eat our food at alternating times so we sat there and watched people eat one at a time. The bill was correct but was all on one tab so when we tried to explain what part we were paying for they got mad and started yelling. They overcharged the last person who payed by $20. We only payed it so we could get out of there ASAP. Now I understand why the place was so dead on a friday night because no one goes back there a second time.

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