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203-9148 23rd Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1H9
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If you are looking for a psychologist, counselling, or therapy in Edmonton, Alberta, then Insight Psychological can help. Our specially trained staff is ready to assist you with whatever you may need.
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friendly and acco...

friendly and accommodating staff , accessible location. Highly recommended

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Not Impressed with this clinic. I sought out this companies services for assessment with future education and career planning. Initially I experienced difficulties with simply booking an appointment - failure to return calls, staff uncertainty regarding what services I should be offered etc. Eventually I was able to book a face to face session (which I had to wait two weeks for) the purpose of which was review the results of the online tests which the clinic gave me. Low and behold, the day before I was scheduled, my appointment was canceled. I was informed that I would not be able to re-book until over a week later. Frustrated I called back later in the day to cancel and ask for a refund of the $90 deposit, and miraculously an appointment appeared on the original day I was supposed to go. So on appointment day, I show up to the office 10 minutes early, check in, fill out the forms etc. and sit...10 mins after my appointment was supposed to start the receptionist tells me that the person I was scheduled to see, is not in the office, and she is passing me off to a different person. Perfect. Now not only are they late in my appointment (which they charge $3/min for), but I get to chat with someone off the cuff who is unfamiliar with my file, situation, etc etc. I spent the next 20 mins having this guy explain how to read a graph to me, thanks buddy. Basically he just reads the computer generated report and boom that's it, see ya later. If they emailed me the report I likely would have got more out of it. Okay, yes I had a bad experience, but the brass tacks of the matter are by my perception, this company was unprofessional, disorganized, and did not provide me with the services I requested. I'm very disappointed and will be looking elsewhere for what I need. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS COMPANY.

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December 13, 2013

Thanks for your comments. While Insight welcomes all feedback both good and bad, this account is not entirely consistent with what we have on record. In order to provide quality services surrounding assessments and career planning, many of the front desk refer to a therapist for consultation as they are uncertain about what services are required, as assessments can be quite complex. In your case, it appears there was a discussion with the psychologist prior, outlining what you were requesting as many individuals are frequently not fully aware of what they are looking for. With respects to the review of your assessment, your original Assessor was called to court by subpoena to be an expert witness on your original date. After this you were again re-booked with that psychologist who is a specialist in the area, rather than book you with someone else who would be more available. Unfortunately, on that second appointment, she then was delayed with car troubles. Because of this last minute trouble, you were provided with an alternate, more senior individual to review the results, which is what was indicated to that therapist. While the assessment and subsequent results were indeed quite simple when you went over them, Insight is ethically and professionally required to review these results with our clients in person. We would like to further add that you were not charged for the actual assessment due to the inconvenience and were charged just the assessors time. If you had an issue, we would have recommended that you talk to the director, administration, or even the original therapist to rectify any concern or issue you had as it is not our policy to provide only partial services when requested.


Great Place to go!!

Insight is a great place to go when you are in need of some help. All the psychologists are very friendly and are willing to go the extra mile to help. Highly recommended.

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Poor service

Not at all impressed. Therapist was late, didn't seem to be listening, and no plan given. Just told me to go buy a book from chapters. I would not recommend this company if you are seeking counselling!

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October 31, 2012

Thank you very much for your review. Insight Psychological always welcomes feedback (even if unpleasant) so that we may constantly improve the quality of our service. In this particular case, the therapist in question was indeed late, for which they apologized. With regards to the quality of the counselling, the therapist unfortunately had a different understanding of your situation. Subsequently, you were provided with options for either a re-schedule with this therapist, or a transfer to another therapist - both at a discounted rate. We respect your decision to have passed on both of these options, but please note that Insight made every attempt within reason to make this situation right. Should you desire, we remain more than happy to discuss with you a mutually satisfactory solution.


Excellent Service

Great service, kind and compassionate people. Would definitely reccomend them to people who really don't know what step to take, as they take the time to interview you and truly help you set up a plan. Alicia Thomas

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