Kia West Edmonton

10151 179th Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 1P9
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My wife and i bou...

My wife and i bought our kia in 2013. We love our Soul. But when we take it in for service we consistently get it back dirty. The last two instances happened when we took it in for the recall for brackets in the headliner and then a service 3. When we got it back after the headliner service there were greasy fingerprints on the pillars and PRY MARKS on the clips and pillars! And they gave it back to us like that! When we took it back and told them, they cleaned the inside and ordered the parts to replace the parts with pry marks. It took a month and a half for them to come in. So we take it in to have it fixed up and tell them its due for a service 3 so might as well do that at the same time. Well this time the weather stripping that needed to be removed to replace the parts was not put back properly and there were more greasy/dirty figerprints than ever. I dont know who they have working in the back but they will not be touching my Kia again. I will go to another Kia dealer for my service from now on. Severely Frustrated, Peter Haiden

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