1965:Universe Machine Corporation is founded in a 2000 sq. ft. building. 1984:Universe implements ISO standards with auditing by Quality Management Institute. 1990:Universe grew to about 100 employees and located in 67,000 sq. ft. building and purchased adjacent property, providing capacity to expand plant to 150,000 sq. ft. 1993:Universe is awarded the Pinacle Award for one of the best run private family businesses in Alberta. 2000:Management seeks out TQM (Total Quality Management) methods to further improve our ability to meet our customer's requirements. The Universe Mission: To manufacture, modify or repair steel products for oilfield, petrochemical, forestry and other related industries. We will work with other customers, employees, and suppliers in an honest and fair manner, using the best technology to provide products at a competitive price. Management strives to provide an ergonomic and healthy environment for the employees and public welfare. Our Quality Policy: to always satisfy the requirements of both our internal and external customers while maintaining jurisdictional standards. Universe highly skilled labor force includes: machinists and welders millwrights and technicians engineers more...
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  • Power Tongs
  • Hydraulic Tong Backup
  • Friction Bite Unit
  • Pneumatic Kelly Spinners
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Valve Pressure Test Units
    • Waste Shredders
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  • Machining
  • Valve Modifications And Repair
  • Millwrighting
  • Quality Assurance
  • Welding And Cutting
  • Heat Treating