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The Facts and The Truth

I would like to respond to the sad unjust review below, it is obvious that this person is just bashing this salon for what I think is no just cause or reason, if you read between the lines you can tell that they are not being truthful at all. I assume they were upset with something or someone other than this salon. On the contrary to what this person said the beds are very good quality, if this person was an experienced tanner they would know to talk to the staff about the so called burning incidents and then have their time adjusted accordingly to avoid further issues. If they were not experienced they still should have talked to the staff to address their concerns. At no point have I ever been burnt (I tan the max time allowable in the beds) nor have I ever felt like an intruder as this is a family run business, from what I have seen they treat everyone like welcome guests. They are always friendly and personable. They do put in long hours so they have to eat there, not a crime nor does it interfere with the customer or service. Once in a while I have seen kids there but from what I have seen it is very seldom, I have seen customers bring their kids and yes they have set up a play area for them to play while they tan, still no crime ! So bashing I say ? (Yes) Now the truth, I have been tanning at this salon for 3 years and have had nothing but the best possible service you could expect, the beds and the salon are very clean, the staff are very personable and friendly. The prices are good, they offer a wide range of services, what else could you ask for ? By the way read the other good review, I agree with it completely. But some other people have nothing better to do than in my opinion make inaccurate statements about a very decent family business. Check it out and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for taking the time to read the Truth about this Salon.


the truth

when i read the review above i was absolutely appalled and found every single thing said to be to the contrary of what my experience has been and i am completely shocked,i tanned there for a year and a half and not once and i mean not once have found any of the statements to be true.please remember this notion when reading any reviews in life " the right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously" now if one is as serious a tanner as stated in previous review,they tan for longer then 4 minutes and if anyone is in the slightest burned by 4 minutes in a bed that speaks volumes about there so called history with tanning and this is truly i would like to speak about the ACTUAL environment of this salon...the beds are at best a few years old there as top of the line as it gets in regards to tanning beds. its one of the reasons that kept me there for so long.its a family owned business which is awesome..when something is family owned they generally go that extra mile thats something corporate type establishments dont do,there's no kids misbehaving or any of the behavior that i read in the previous review and thats what i found so appalling.the only way to describe this place in laymen terms is that its the "cadillac" of tanning salons and i have been to many over the years..all end with this,am sure every one has read a movie critics review of a film and then went and seen it and found that it was the complete opposite of what the critic said and found the picture to be great...thats exactly what this is...go see for yourself and you wont be disappointed



Do not go to this salon. I had a horrible experience with them, and the sad part is that they didnt even know it. First, the beds are horroble. I got burned every time I used stand up bed for only 4 minutes. I am an experienced tanner and it never happened to me before any where else I went. Second, every time I come for tanning felt like an intruder. They are very unfriendly, they always eating at the store, like I mean family meals, There could be 3 of them sitting around and eating hamburger and fries. Unfriendliness consisted of abruptness and simple coldness in a tone of voice. Its a family business, so they have kids area set up. However, kids are rarely stay still in those areas. Several times I heard them running around the salon, screaming. Hey, working moms our there!! It is not a place where you could have "me" time. You will not get away from reality, not even for 10 minutes. Hearing kids scream I would like to turn up music, but there is no music as there are no radios in that salon. Horrible, horrible. I could not wait untill my minutes run out so I dont have to go there ever again. Tnx for reading.

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