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Love my hair

Hi, I do not usually do reviews, bu because I like their work, I think it's fair to give them a nice review. I paid a deposit, and the lady ordered the hair. It really matched the colour I wanted and took about a week to come in, because I wanted my hair done quickly (I was just too excited!) When all was done, it was just unbelievable. Really, you should see the transformation. You'd prolly not know its a weave if I say nada. This is almost 3months in, and I'm still rocking it.

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I would strongly suggest to find another salon.

I wanted extensions for my wedding and had heard this was the only place I could get a weave done. I put half down to order extensions. In 2 weeks I returned to pick up my extensions so I could get my hair coloured at my regular salon then to return to get them put in. I turns out the owner had ordered the wrong extensions and I asked for a refund because my wedding was in 2 weeks and there would be no time to get them in. She went against what I had asked and had the proper extensions ordered. When they didnt come in on time I returned again to get my money back. She refused to give my money back because she said I had to pay for shipping costs on BOTH pair of extensions and would not talk to me about a refund. I walked away from $200. On her reciept said their was a guarantee on product and services, which she did not uphold.

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Great service.

They made me feel comfortable right away. I like the ambiance, its a quie,t cute salon with ethnic feel. I got a great weave, the stylist took her time. It was not cheap though, but I will not call it pricey. I have heard friends do weaves for over a thousand bucks. I paid just under 700bucks and I love the work. I will visit there again.

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