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"delivery Attempted"

"Delivery Attempted" More like "Walked up slapped a notice on the door, and walked away." I don't understand why we pay for shipping and delivery if every time I must drive to the purolator depot to pick my stuff up. It absolutely boggles my mind how lazy and unhelpful purolator in grande prairie is, do they understand people have jobs? Instead of wasting my time attempting a delivery cause unless I wait for 3 hours in my apartment lobby I will never catch the purolator employee, just keep the parcel at the purolator depot and I will pick it up. Every time I have something shipped through purolator I wait an extra 2 days to actually get my package, It is a miracle that I work not even 5 minutes away, I can't imagine living across town. I have personally witnessed one purolator lady walk into my apartment lobby with no packages and start filling slips out, I have actually surprised them a few times as I was there waiting. Obviously the fact they have no parcels or envelopes with them shows that there is ZERO intention of attempting deliveries. I work at a pretty big local retailer and have watched the purolator truck pull up to the back door, sit there for 4 minutes then drive away, not even attempt to ring the gigantic door bell for receiving. If you don't enjoy your job then find something else, do not ruin others experiences with your lack of work ethic.


Everytime I've ha...

Everytime I've had to have a shipment come thew Purolator , they are the ones giving an excuse to Not Deliver & say my Buzzer didn't work, when they didnt even COME or USE IT ! Then MAKE ME come there , to get it . I'm Disabled & can't Drive. Thats why i have them delivered. This last one was WAS MEAN IT WAS FOR CHRISTMAS & didn't arrive because they didn't COME EITHER TIMES TO TRY & DELIVER !!!


Horrible. Package sa



In all the time I have had to deal with them I have never once had a parcel come on time or have any degree of good customer service. I always pay for delivery to my place of work and every time I have to go and pick it up because they don't get it to me. Especially bad if shipped through FedEx. Last parcel was in GP for three days before I was contacted.


Poor Service

I've been another victim of poor service by Purolator. I thought other people are exagerating about their experience with Purolator but I myself have experiences it. I hope the company looks into this pattern.


Worst service ever

Worst service ever by far. The customer service is so poor.

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