Hong Kong Garden

14-425 13 St N, Lethbridge, AB T1H 2S3

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The food was deli...

The food was delicious, the servings plentiful, and the price very reasonable. Would highly recommend this restaurant.

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this is great chi...

this is great chinese food! loved it will eat here again! try this!

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I love the food here and always will. It is...

I love the food here and always will. It is prepared after you order it and not before so you are guaranteed freshness. The Egg Rolls are always perfect and the sauce they provide with it is the perfect combination. All the food listed in the meal was fresh and not too salty. The service however was horrible. We were ready to order for approximatly ten minutes before our waitress came to take it down and when she did come she didn`t write it. We had plenty of specifications which made writing it down a necessity. She brought out our Egg Rolls but did not bring out the won ton soup, probably for the lack of taking it down. When we were all done our delishous hot meal we were all ready to go for another ten minutes before she came with our check. Needless to say, the only thing taking me back to Hong Kong Gardens is the food. Although take out would be the obvious recommendation i would suggest going in to eat, they give you more food that way and you can pack up what you don`t eat. You have two choices, less food for your money with take out or enduring the bad service. Either way the food is delishous.

Price Range: $10per person

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