The Property Shop Inc

101-4911 51 St, Red Deer, AB T4N 6V4
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Beware!!!! I rent...

Beware!!!! I rented from this company for almost 3 years- my experience wasn't good. The first time i tried calling "the after hours emergency" Number i was blown off- told that the address i was at wasn't a valid property of theres. It was the middle of the winter and the furnace had turned i slept a very chilly night, and called the furnace repair man myself. The next incident came about 3 months after that when my waterbill went up-which is fine, but they neglected to tell me this until the very day I came in to pay my rent ( i thought there was a 30 day notice to change rent) Another incident... which was my final straw was when the lady incharge of my account - Shauna, walked INTO MY HOUSE UNIVITED,( if you ask me this is unlawful entry- and if i hadnt been in shock, I should have called the police!) I happened to be in my underware saturday morning!!! No appointment made, just opened my door and walked in. After all of this, i told them i was moving out on the 5th of the month (which i know isnt exactly the 1st but REALLY?!) They charged me $250!!!!!! and told me they were dropping the home owner anyway - thus not loosing " the 5 days of rent" they could have made because, my notice came on the 5th. Sad! so anyone out there thinking to use this company I would suggest otherwise, direct from owner or even buying!!

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