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35-6320 50 Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 4C6
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Biggest Buffet In Red Deer.

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My friends and I got there little after 8pm. The lady told us they are open until 9:30pm and they are making more food. Around 8:30pm, while we just started to eat, the server came and told us to grab anything else we want, because the owner decided to close the restaurant and don't care about the people just got here. We were not the only people eating there. Also, while the server was talking to us, a group of people from the kitchen already took most of the food to the back. By the time, we got to the buffet table pretty much everything is gone. Most of my friends only got ½ plate of food for the whole meal, because we just started to eat and they took everything away. They supposed to open for another hour! The server said that this is the THRID TIME this week!!! The THRID TIME the owner has been doing this to the customers. We were there not more than 15 mins and they took all the food away, they turned off most of the lights and the music. They made us pay the full price of the buffet, because the owner said we already started to eat. This is the worst bull$h*t ever! How can they ask you to stay and right after you start to eat, they take away all the food and turn the lights off?! All the other people were eating there just left with big disappointment too. They lied to tell you to stay and charge you the full price. We actually heard the owner by the bar saying that “I DON’T CARE, just take away the food and close the restaurant!” By the way, the food was awful too! NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!!

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Good Chinese Buffet

The food was delicious, and was quick, Just enter, get a table assigned and fill up your plate and enjoi....Voila... Turkey, Shrimps were good. I would say teh best time is to go early as I was not seeing much stuff being replenished. Over all Good experience, Would definitely recommend Wonton Soup, ginger beef and shrimps on the buffet.

Outing Type: Casual

Price Range: $25per person

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  • $11 To $25

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  • Buffet

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  • Asian
  • American
  • Chinese


  • Chicken
  • Chicken Wings
  • Dessert
  • Dim Sum
  • Fried Chicken
  • Salad


  • Buffet
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  • Lunch Menu
  • Sushi Bar
  • Salad Bar
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  • Family
  • Casual

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  • Restaurant
  • Chinese Food
  • All You Can Eat Buffet
  • Lunch And Dinner
  • Buffet
  • Dine-in
  • Take-out
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  • English
  • Chinese



Red Deer Buffet Restaurant (403-342-5555) - Display Ad - Fish & Chips (4)  7.95 Shrimp Egg Foo Yong  9.95 Hot Wings  9.95 French Fries  4.50 Mushroom Egg Foo Yong  8.95 Crispy Chicken Wings  9.95 Deep Fried Wontons & Sauce  5.95 Green Pea Egg Foo Yong  8.95 Honey Garlic Chicken Wings  9.95 Grilled Pork Dumplings (12) 7.95 Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls  8.95 Onion Rings 5.00 Pineapple Sauce Chicken Balls  9.95 FRIED RICE Breaded Almond Chicken   9.95 Chicken, Beef or BBQ Pork Fried Rice  8.95 Almond Gai Ding   9.95 Lemon Chicken  9.95 Small Large SOUP Mushroom Fried Rice  8.95 Curried Chicken   9.95 Wonton Soup  5.00  8.95 Vegetable Fried Rice  7.95 Beef with Broccoli   9.95 Deep Fried Shrimp (20)   9.95 Shrimp Chow Mein  10.95 Beef with Mixed Vegetables 8.95 Pan Fried Shrimp   12.95 Special Cantonese Chow Mein 11.95 Beef with Mixed Tomatoes  9.95 Curried Shrimp  9.95 Mushroom Chow Mein  9.95 Beef with Black Bean Sauce  9.95 Shrimp with Hot Sauce  9.95 Plain Chow Mein  9.95 Beef with Mushroom Onion  9.95 Shrimp with Tomato Sauce  9.95 Shanghai Noodles  9.95 Szechuan Style Spicy Beef  9.95 Shrimp with Almond Nuts Singapore Fine Noodles  9.95 Curried Beef  9.95 & Vegetables  9.95 Beef Rice Noodles  9.95 Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce 9.95 Sweet & Sour Sauce  1.50 Mussels with Black Bean Sauce 11.95 PORK BUFFET OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Salt & Pepper Squid  10.95 Dry Garlic Ribs   8.95 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM Honey Garlic Ribs   9.95 Sweet & Sour Ribs   9.95 VEGETABLES Sweet & Sour Pork   9.95 Plain Chop Suey  8.95 When you place an order of Honey Garlic Pork   9.95 Chicken or Beef or Pork ($50) before tax. Dry Garlic Ribs BBQ Pork   9.95 Must advise when ordering. Mixed Vegetables  9.95 Deluxe Wor Wonton Soup  5.50  9.95 Special Fried Rice  9.95 Salt & Pepper Chicken   9.95 Hot & Sour Soup  5.00 8.95 Shrimp Fried Rice  9.95 Sesame Chicken   9.95 Sweet Corn & Chicken Soup 8.95 Steamed Rice  2.00 Chicken Noodle Soup  8.95 BEEF CHOW MEIN (Noodle) Chicken With Mixed Vegetables 9.95 Ginger Beef   9.95 SEAFOOD Chicken, Beef or BBQ Pork Chow Mein  9.95 (Value $8.95) Korean BBQ Pork  10.95 Shrimp Mixed Vegetables  9.95 Special Mixed Vegetables  9.95 587-802-1560 Soft Drinks: Can or 2 Liters #35 6320 50 Ave Red Deer Steam Vegetables with Oyster Sauce  8.95 Prices and menu items subject to change without notice. Delivery and Take Out Available Buddhist Chop Suey  9.95 NO MSG Biggest Buffet in Red Deer 10% Off Pick Up Orders Over $30.00 FREE DELIVERY On Food Orders Over $30.00 Within City Limits APPETIZERS CHICKEN EGG FOO YONGAPPETIZERS CHICKE Egg Roll (1) 1.50 Chicken, Beef, BBQ Pork Egg Foo Yong  8.95 Ginger Chicken  9.95 Spring Roll (1) 1.35 Special Egg Foo Yong  10.95 1 of 2