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Karl P

Shorter wait time...

Shorter wait time than other clinics. Can book same day appointment. Accepting new patients

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I have been going...

I have been going to Dr. Apantaku for years now, she's wonderful, HOWEVER, but she is almost strictly prenatal now. With that being said I feel like the rest of the clinic is a joke! 3/4 of the receptionist's don't speak clear English, including the manager, it's awful!! They don't listen to you and they don't comprehend well. The pharmacist and workers there are quite good, pretty much the only reason I still go. Cannot stand incompetent, non English speaking people! if you wish to come here our jobs then at least speak English CLEARLY! so mad that I didn't get my prescription after my dental work, because reception screwed up and didn't talk to my doctor, now I'm stuck in pain and I'm 8 months pregnant!!

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Samantha B

Horrible all arou...

Horrible all around!! First being mis diagnosed by Dr Danials, given a mild cough surup, went back

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Cory R

Biggest waste of ...

Biggest waste of time just pushes out door with bad excuses as to why couldn't do medical

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Amanda C

Don't waste your time there!

When in intense physical pain, find someone who will listen! I rarely went to the doctor until the pain in my legs was so bad, I was barely able to walk. Dr. Kamal Daniel gave me the 'really? Is the pain really that bad?' attitude. I have had a sinus infection for more then 6 weeks and have to wait another 3 weeks before Dr Katie can see me because she is the only one who will see me now. They are a joke! Receptionist is awesome though!

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Marianne R

Be Cured by a nice smile

As far as walk-in clinics go this is the fanciest, most efficient one I've been to. Friendly, professional staff dedicating their time & effort for you and decent wait times make this a pretty good spot to go. I arrived there at 10:00 am, the receptionist welcomed me with a big smile that made me feel comfortable and she was really nice, I only had to wait 15 min and then my name was called, the doctor was really nice, she gave me my time and more and never felt in rush. I left the place and I was completely satisfied and happy. Simply I had the feeling of being cured I recommend this clinic to everyone.

Service: 5/5
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