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Impressed. Surprised.

My nails were in such horrible disrepair; I was visiting from out of town; I didn't have the kids for a couple of hours; I was feeling down on myself...and when I sauntered past Studio Nails on my shopping rounds, I was immediately ushered to a vacant nail setup...whether I wanted to or not...lol. They take pride in immediate walk-in service / no appointments. I was a little bit hesitant to get my nails done here at the beginning because I have had bad experiences at, what I consider to be in-and-out, "nail mills"...and, I have had my nails done by the same person for years. Secondly, I didn't feel that I was able enough to communicate well-enough with my nail tech what I wanted done. I was fearful because I wasn't sure if I understood what she said she was going to do for me, and I wasn't sure if I had communicated clearly enough what I wanted. I had gone in asking for a fill and, at one point, seriously thought I was getting a full nail set (at a much higher price) with "powdered gel" (which I know doesn't exist). All this being said...THIS IS THE BEST NAIL JOB I HAVE EVER RECEIVED!!! She was such a perfectionist, I believe she did an extra layer or two of gel to ensure there were no defects. She had to deal with my horribly kept nails, AND, she put two tips on, did the extra layers, french tips...AND only charged me the price of a fill ($48 inc GST). AND....it didn't take very long. I NEVER tip...and I happily tipped her $12!! BEST NAILS EVER!!!

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Excellent Results

I decided to get gel nails again after about 20 years. I was in Sherwood Park Mall and found Studio Nails. No appointment necessary-a bonus! They did a fabulous job, for a very reasonable price. I have been back many times. The service is excellent, however, the staff could be a bit more friendly. I have been told my nails are amazing and flawless. I never hesitate to recommend Studio Nails to all my friends and family.

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