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Mother finally gets the care she needs

i would truly like to thank God and the Ambulance attendants that took my mother to this hospital rather than back to the Misericordia where she spent 5 weeks recovering from a broken arm. Her feet and legs were swollen also, she did not want to sleep in a bed so they let her sleep in a chair. As a result she would not sleep in her bed at home and in reality spent 3 months with her feet on the ground. After 24 hours at this hospital being tied to the bed her feet are no longer fuffy and the skin on her legs is wrinkled, her legs are returning to normal. Hopefully she will be able to sleep in the comfort of her own bed when she returns home, as she was on the verge of being a cripple unable to walk.



I arrive for surgery and no beds. Sitting in a chair. The nurses are overrun. Bad experience


Worst Help at a Healthcare facility

I went into the hospital, to get an injury looked at, i had crashed my motorcycle at high speeds. I has seen a Nurse else where, and was told to get an x-ray. So i went to the St.Albert Hospital, i waited in line, then saw a nurse. She looked at my elbow, and agreed with what the previous nurse thought, that the bone was chipped and needed to be X-Rayd. The Doctor can to where i was sitting, touched my Elbow for about 10 Seconds, then told me to go home because i was fine, I explained to him that i was in pain, that there was a piece of something floating around in my arm, and that i was advised by two Nurses that i should get an X-Ray. He then told me that he was done talking to me and walked away. Have being left hanging with no real answers, i went back to the front dest to see if i could see anther Doctor, she then told me no, that there was nothing wrong, and that i needed to leave. I was then escorted out by police, and Security. All i was looking for was a proper look at the injury to see if i was able to work, lift, and carry on my normal work pace, and to see if there was anything i could take for it. I would have to rate there service, and help at a 0 out of 10.

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