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The worst BPs!

Terrible service! Went to this BPs twice while on a business trip. First visit I ordered a half order of a meal, they gave me a full order instead. Then proceeded to charge me for a full when I specifically ordered a half. The manager came out and offered a ten percent discount instead. I had to argue profusely that it was his staff that made the error. Finally, after several of us speaking up he agreed to change it. Next night, server didn't give us menus without being asked, didn't ask us if we needed refills, didn't tell us about last call until after we tried to order another round. And the cherry on top was when they tried charging us extra for something the server told us was free with the meal. Again, a different manager came out and flat out refused to take the charges off our bill or hear us out. We had to threaten to call the head office before he would comply. If you're going to argue with your customers over something so little, you're obviously a struggling business. Wont be surprised when this place is shut down.

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