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What a joke

Drove all the way from delta to attend this auction. Well the quality of items is very subpar. The auctioneer actually went off on a customer last night and yelled at him for bidding 3$ after he said pass. For like a minute he actually sat there and trashed the guy, and lectured him, and he is regular ion the auction circuit. 3 or 4 of us the next night sat talking about how we spend 4-500 on thursday nights at the other auction, and only 20 at big valley. Like one guy said they downsized locations, must be because of the 3$ items he sell's the quality is super lown. He also decideds what has value and passes over items if the starting bid he feels is too low. Like one guy said he's a collector who likes to keep everything. I don't want to look at the same items week after week. Get new good stuff every week, it's only selling low because it's junk. I can't waste 20$ in fuel for 20$ worth of stuff. It's my time and fuel, so I won't be back.


Best to avoid

Low quality items, the website is super outdated along with the catalog which is cumbersome and never the same as the online catalog just compare other auction houses catalogs. Try another auction if you want to buy. Your absentee bids are ignored I know I have tested them on this and they just sell the items to whoever is there that night for less than your absentee, you never hear the auctioneer pass over items to absentees during the sale. At least they don't have family and workers/ item owners bidding you up. This place is unprofessional, and probably why it hasn't grown or expanded like other other businesses over the years. OH yaa the auctioneer is super SLOW so expect to be there until midnight.

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