The Co-operators Group Limited is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company with $42.9 billion in assets under administration. We insure over two million people Canada-wide. We are active corporate members of our communities, a catalyst for a sustainable society and a true home-grown champion with strong co-operative roots. Our member companies and their executives all have one common goal: to be where Canadians are, with the products Canadians need, when they need them, however they wish to buy them. Our member-owners include co-operatives, credit unions and like-minded organizations across the country. We support and fund the development of community-oriented co-operatives and social enterprises, and we work hard to contribute to communities across Canada. more...
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Products and Services

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Group home Insurance
  • Claims Process
  • Group Retirement
  • Client Care Centre
    • Planning Tools
    • Farm Insurance
    • Approved Repair Shops
    • Benefit
    • Life Insurance
    • Investment Solutions
    • Segregated Funds
    • Wealth Management
    • Rates/fund Performance
    • Travel Insurance
    • Group Auto Insurance
    • Claims Offices
    • Investments
    • Claim Forms
    • Group Benefits
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