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Worst Service EVER

This was the worst service of my life! I had an unknown charge on my bill and when I asked about it the Chinese lady owner got really angry, called me stupid and told me if I didn't like it I could make my server pay for it! Are you kidding me? Then she got another customer involved and tried them to take her side. What? THEN, when I told her I would just pay because this was ridiculous she thanked me for paying and then thanked me to never come again! OMG! These horrible owners do not deserve a restaurant and I and my friends and family will definitely NOT be returning - I urge you never to go either... this kind of service should not be encouraged in our community.

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Best Chinese Resturant on the Island

Best chinese resturant I have ever been to on Campbell River. Lot of selection, top quality shrimp. The spring roll is top notch, can't beat the sweet and sour soup as well! My saying goes, the only chinese resturant I would go on the Island, if it's not Driftwood, I'm not eating!

Price Range: $25per person

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