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not happy

fter having researched for some time, I decided that I definitely wanted to have my 6 month old puppy spayed via laparoscopy rather than the traditional method. So I was very happy to find that this vet offered that service. The extra cost over a traditional spay was $150 and I was fine with that. When I went to pick her up after surgery, I was given a bill of $571 which was way over what I was expecting. Apparently, I signed a form that authorized them to run a blood test for an extra charge. When I brought the puppy in that morning, I was given a form to sign where I had to tick off a bunch of extra services that I did not want, I ticked yes to blood test as I assumed it was a normal part of the spay procedure not realizing there was an extra cost. The staff did not seem to care, no one went over the in take form with me and explained anything. When I complained, all they said was you signed the form, that's it, end of discussion. Also, because it was a lap spay, there was absolutely no reason for her to be shaved half way up her side for two tiny incisions. I am very unhappy with the service I received, and would not recommend this vet to anyone.

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Great service

I have received nothing but the best service and advice from here!! Great and caring people.

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