Van Beek Donna M

201-20171 92A Ave, Langley, BC V1M 3A5
Donna Van Beek is a Langley-based notary public commissioned by the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Donna can help prepare wills, promissory notes, power of attorney agreements, notarizations, statutory declarations and more. When it comes to major legal transitions like buying a home or planning your estate, call our team for personal advice you can trust. More...
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Domains of law

  • Real Estate Law

Products and Services

  • Estate Planning
  • Lines Of Credit
  • Mortgages
  • Notarizations
  • Powers Of Attorney
  • Promissory Notes
    • Property Transfers
    • Refinances
    • Representation Agreements
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  • English


Van Beek Donna M (604-888-6605) - Display Ad - FAX:  604  888-6675 Mortgages • Property Transfers • Notarizations Representation Agreements Wills • Powers of Attorney • Estate Planning 201-20171-92A Ave. Walnut Grove, Langley NOTARY PUBLIC CERTIFIED SENIOR ADVISOR 6 0 4  8 8 8 - 6 6 0 5