Salveo Naturopathic & Skin Care have the skills and experience to provide you with a comprehensive health and anti-aging / skin care program. Our treatment philosophy is as follows: 'We will identify and treat the cause and the symptoms will disappear as the body heals itself.'

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Success Weight Loss and Energy after babies

I am thrilled to be one of the first to give an honest reveiw for Dr. Strauss. My name is Christy and after having my 2nd child and struggling with not only going back to work, but having very little energy left to head to the gym and loose the extra weight I gained(no I was not expecting again strangers), I seeked the help of Dr. Strauss, through a series of vitamin shots and weight loss injections not only did I loose weight (it melted away!) I had built up the energy to keep up with work, my 2 boys and a workout routine at the gym. I am so thankful I took those first steps, I still keep up with my vitamin shots as like most working mom's out there some days are crazy busy! I am so thrilled to finally hear everyone comment on how great I looked. My favorite is "how do you do it"

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