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Worst service ever!

I have never had such bad service from a store. Especially from a girl who works there and thinks she's something pretty special and knows EVERYTHING! When I asked her for a certain size of grade A bolts she brought regular bolts and when I asked if they were grade A she seemed to be upset and said I should have asked for that at first, even though I did. I avoid going there unless it is my LAST option.


Extremely Horrible Service

The worst service I have ever experianced and witnessed! They never smile, they are constantly complaining, they never make the efford to make the service they provide desireable. Would it really kill them to just act like they didn't hate their job? Everytime I went in I was treated like a small child, they contradict everything you say and act as if they know everything, they refuse to actually give you advice and help outside of them complaining about showing you where something is. A man suffered a hot coolant burn and went inside for help and to be shown the washroom so he could run his hand under water, the staff began to insult his intelligence and telling him that he was not allowed to use the washroom, they told him he should have read a bottles instuctions when they never told him to do so before hand. Even when someone was in dire need they turned them away. They are in need of a real reality check and a whole new staff, it's time for them to get a grip of what customer service is.

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