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great quality

I recently ordered wedding invitations, and they came out great! They had the greatest selection of cards compared to other printers. My experience with active printers was nothing but positive.


Great Service and Selection

I just had my wedding cards printed and they turned out great!!! I was so happy with the cards and received so many compliments as well, the matching gift bags were definitely noticed! I went to a few places before AP but found them overpriced and lacked a good selection ! Thank You to Active Printers, I got exactly what I wanted :)


Very Unprofessional !!

I do NOT recommend this business at all I got my wedding cards printed from Active Printers and am so disappointed. This guy only prints in BURGUNDY writing and if you want any other color, he charges extra for him to clean the machine and put in a different color. AND, he doesn't have the main colors, I wanted pink writing and he told me it would cost me extra to put in pink but he didn't have the color pink so he said that he would have to mix 2 colors to get to the color pink and that would be an additional charge on top of the extra charges. THEN, he told me that my cards would be ready and when I went to go pick them up, I found out that his printer or computer had broken and he was unable to print them. He said that he wouldn't know when the cards would be ready because he didn't know what was wrong with the computer/printer. When I requested that he give me back my cards because he didn't even know when his machines would be fixed, he said he would charge me $30 for him to return my cards to me. The $30 would be his charges on his template which would mean that he erased someone else's info and put in our info. This guy is unprofessional and I would NEVER recommend him or his business to anyone else!! As a business, he offers printing services, if his printers/computers break, why should I, as a customer have to pay for his machines not working?? His machines broke down, which was NOT MY FAULT, why should I have to pay him for the inconvenience he caused me?? And anyone else who gives him an excellent rating is either related to him or him rating himself. My advice to anyone : he is cheap but you go through so much hassle that it's better to pay someone who really is a PROFESSIONAL, someone who does NOT run his business outta his house.

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