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This is one of th...

This is one of the most amazing family run businesses I have ever walked into. They have amazing service and are all very good at what they do. I'll never touch another salon again!



what a family! they work together as a team and were so fast with my services! they made me laugh and gave me great hair and nails. this is definitely the place to be if you need therapy and beauty services hah!


they are amazing

this salon is amazing it's a family business and they really know how to treat their clients . they do amazing hair , and esthetics . they are really fast with waxing, just in and out it doesn't take an hour to do something. and they are amazing with updo's their daughter is in to updo's and she does amazing thigs when i am there and she displays them in the mirror and they are very cheap. so overall i love this business and this family. so i would highly recommend for you to go , you won't be dissapointed

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