For the last 10 years the focus of my practice has been the "little guy". I realize that as we go through life it seems like everyone (government, the insurance companies and employers) is against the little guy and sometimes seem out to squash him/her. I am the lawyer who is there to equalize the playing field. It's my job and my law firm's philosophy to take on the legal system for the small guy: whether we are fighting criminal/impaired driving charges (against big government), fighting for fair compensation for your injury (against the big insurance companies) or fighting for your job (against big employers), it is my job to Fight For You, the little guy.I have No corporate clients nor do I want them. I have no government contracts nor do I want them. I do not act for employers, nor do I want to. I am the lawyer who acts for David against Goliath. I am the Legal Butler at Your service. More...
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