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Amazing Physiotherapy

I came here to rehabilitate my back after being on bedrest following a lower spine injury and being immobile for about a month. I needed to rebuild the strength and flexibility I once had and coming here was just the ticket for me. I was barely able to sit up on my own when I started, but the slow and steady progress has made a huge difference. It's been about 4 weeks and I'm finally driving again - something I haven't done in a few months - it feels great to be moving back toward where I was at before this operation. The doctors here are so upbeat and encouraging, it makes it easy to work even harder and to push a little farther.

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Great Chiropractic Clinic

I've been coming to LifeMark for several months now for my chiropractic treatments, I usually get a chiropractic adjustment with focus on my middle to upper back and shoulders - I have migranes and this is one of the few ways to keep those in check. I usually call out of the blue for an appointment and they are always able to squeeze me in when I need to have a treatment.

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