Welcome to Southlands Heritage Farm.. Our mission is to grow and protect local food systems, while providing visitors with a chance to experience farm life and understand the unique and beautiful animals and ecosystems in Southlands. If you see someone pulling weeds, sorting pumpkins, or digging a hole - offer to help out! We're a community farm, so when you're here, we'd rather you thought of yourself as a fellow farmer and not a visitor to a park. We run a number of fun skills based workshops and camps for all ages. Please explore our website to see what's going on. More...
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Get up close and personal with animals in Vancouver

Get up close and personal with animals in Vancouver

Southlands Farm is a piece of natural wonder in the middle of the city. Bring your whole family to enjoy a lovely and peaceful day on the farm and you’ll get to see the horses, pigs, chickens and much more.

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