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This morning I wa...

This morning I was walking by this shop and a kid around 18-21 years old asked me "sir you need you hair to be fixed" I replied saying "my hairstylist is the best in Vancouver" n he replied saying "I bet your a single guy with that haircut" truth to be told I am single. He told me "come on in n let me show you what a real haircut is" not only did the boy convince me to get a hair cut at the price of only $17 he also sold me this stucco product for $21... This boy has a big future and I can see it in him, bcos not only did he give me the best haircut I ever got in my life he also convinced a poor man to spend $45 in 20 mins. I will definitely be coming back.

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Best haircut in the world!

ive been coming here for 3years and will never leave. Jason is the man! highly recommended TOP CUT

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