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Terrible Barber, very rude.

This is a real experience i had with this barber so please, read this and think twice before coming here. So, i was walking around fraser street looking for a barber and i found this one. The barber, whose name is sammy, was nice and personal at first. So we began talking and he asked me where im from. I believe from that moment, he looked at me differently and he started cutting. I told him to do a specific cut but he didnt bother and cut my hair for about 5 minutes. It was the quickest haircut ive ever had and he cut it shorter than i wanted it. So i told him this isnt wat i asked for. He took it as an offense and started ranting about how people like where i come from always complain, and this was in front of his own customers. I have never felt so insulted and i kept apologizing for offending him but he wouldnt stop. I gave him $10 even though the haircut was $15. I told him from the beginning that i only had $10 but he said it was alright. After the insulting things he said and the terrible effort he put into my haircut, i told him again if he wanted the rest of the money and he said no. All in all, don't visit this place. This barber, Sammy, was very rude to me and if he had any dignity as a barber, he wouldnt have taken my money because he gave me a haircut that i didnt ask for. This is not a trolling review or something, this actually happened. Please, visit the other barbers in fraser street or even downtown. Dont visit this place.


Great barber shop

Sam has been cutting my hair, and my son's, since he started at Vic's -- he always does a great job and is a pleasure to deal with.

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