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I bought an exter...

I bought an external hard drive I was told it would work for a game system. It didn't. I went to return it and was told that they do not do returns. over the past year I have brought them about $5000 worth of business buying a computer friends, family updating their software getting computers fixed. It was frustrating as the hd was clearly defective because game system did not recognise it. I was then told I could buy a power supply. for another $11


I recently bought...

I recently bought an external hard drive for my video game system at this store, I was assured by the employee that it would work. It did not, upon returning the store employee said they dont do returns as the product was open. How was I supposed to know if it would work until it was open? They were not helpful andI was forced buy another device that was ten dollars just to get the original device to work. All in I was not a satisfied customer and will rethink ever giving them my business

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