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Wonderful Experience at Gliga Violins Canada

I drove there with my daughter and son on a sunny Friday afternoon. We needed a 1/2 size violin for my son. There were three violins available, a Gems 2, a Gems 1, and a Gama. Cami showed them to us and let my son play them. My teacher recommended to go with a Gems 1 level, and I was surprised to hear that the store recommended the same model. I was seriously expecting some sort of "push" to buy the Gama (which is more expensive), but NO! Cami just asked me when my son started to play. I told her one year ago, on a 1/4 size rental, and now he needs to move up a size. She said a Gems 1 would be very good for now. I wish I would find this kind of customer service in more stores. Thank you for a great violin and for very nice customer service!