Welcome to Gliga Violins. We are happy to welcome you to our Gliga music store. We are a specialty musical instruments store focused on violins, violas, and cellos. Our mission is to bring to Canada the best Romanian stringed instruments from the master craftsman Vasile Gliga, at very competitive prices. We feature high-quality handmade violins, violas and cellos, as well as accessories - cases, bows, strings, shoulder rests, and chin rests. All of our instruments are available for all age groups and skill levels, from small size violins for children to specialty instruments for adults. More...
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The Best Violin Shop in Vancouver.

This is the best violin shop in Vancouver. I found here the largest selection of fiddles, all handcrafted in Romania. Wonderful craftsmanship, exquisite wood, amazing sound. Each violin sounds different, true, but with such a large selection is impossible not to find one you love. I left the store with an amazing maestro bird's eye violin. To my surprise, I loved the Guarneri sound the best. Cami is the most patient person on Earth and she really knows how to guide you when selecting a violin.

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Wonderful Experience at Gliga Violins Canada

I drove there with my daughter and son on a sunny Friday afternoon. We needed a 1/2 size violin for my son. There were three violins available, a Gems 2, a Gems 1, and a Gama. Cami showed them to us and let my son play them. My teacher recommended to go with a Gems 1 level, and I was surprised to hear that the store recommended the same model. I was seriously expecting some sort of "push" to buy the Gama (which is more expensive), but NO! Cami just asked me when my son started to play. I told her one year ago, on a 1/4 size rental, and now he needs to move up a size. She said a Gems 1 would be very good for now. I wish I would find this kind of customer service in more stores. Thank you for a great violin and for very nice customer service!

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