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Bell Internet Hub for rural users

We have been unhappy with this product almost from the beginning. We have both internet and phone through the hub. We are within viewing distance of the tower. Service is sporatic and we regularly have to reboot as it cuts out sometimes 5 -6 times daily. Unless you try to call out you or try to access the internet you are not aware that service is not available. We went away and there was no phone service to the house the entir time we were away therefore no recorded messages or record of calls. We had to pay to have the land line disconnected and again to have the hub setup. We lost our phone directory listing as the home phone number is now a cell phone if we want a listing we must pay. We have spent hours on the phone trying to get info on billings which were not received or were not available on billing page and usage info. The packages offered by bell do not meet our needs for home or office use with out going into overage and bills for internet use are running $350 -$500 per month. We are located 5 minutes from downtown Bowmanville and do not have access to high speed. Bell has been kind enough to offer us an apology.

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This has to be the worst company on the planet.

They phone every hour all day. I tell them the person they want to speak to is not here during the day, they phone again an hour later. They won't tell me what it's about, they won't leave a number, they just keep calling and calling and calling and calling and calling and calling. I don't need their services this badly, I quit.

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bell canada

tres bon compagnie i like bell

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