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My vehicle died on me valentines evening, after consulting my owners manual I was able to trace the issue to a fuse that kept blowing everytime it was replaced. I was in close proximity to parkside and had it towed there fri. AM. In the afternoon (4:45) I was called and informed I had an internal short in my fuel heater (diesel truck). I was told the heater was just under $500, labor to put it in was just over $500. Cost of the repair would be $1004 + tax. I asked if there was any way to reduce the cost(as truck is 13 years old) unfortunately I was told this is the cost. I asked for a short time to review my options. Not really knowing what the fuel heater was I called the out of town dealership (fairway ford) I normally deal with and asked for a price on the fuel heater. Here I was told part would be $180 and around $200 for install. I was very skeptical (b/c of huge price difference). I had the truck towed out of town to have work done. At this time I was charged a $200 diagnosis fee before my truck was released from parkside.My truck was delivered back to me on tues. from the other dealership washed and running along with a bill for $557 taxes in. The service mgr, did not see a problem with the enormous $ difference between dealerships b/c according to him they were providing more (even though my truck runs as it did before for the lesser $ amount.) The only thing I asked for was to get my truck running again, at the end of the day my repair cost 1/2 as much as they told me and as far as they were concerned couldn't be done for less.

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