Now With 3 Winnipeg Locations to Serve You! Bardal Funeral Home was founded January 1, 1894 by owner Arinbjorn S. Bardal, age 28, and his brother Paul. The home was originally located two blocks north at the N.W. corner of Ross and Nina (renamed Sherbrook Street), and services included undertakers and cabs for hire. In the fall of 1906, construction began on a three-story specially designed funeral home. The new design included areas for funeral operations on the main floor and in the basement, with some work areas on the second and third floors. Living space for family included four apartments on the upper two floors. The home was equipped with skylights and gaslights as electricity had yet to reach the "outskirts". Bardal continues to provide funeral service to Winnipeg families from the modernized building on Sherbrook Street. more...
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Evenings, Weekends And Holidays By Appointment

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  • Funeral Chapel
  • Funeral Arrangements
  • Casket
  • Crematorium


  • Funeral Services
  • Cremations

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  • English

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  • 3 Locations To Serve You
  • 1510 St. Mary's Road At Meadowood
  • 3393 Portage Avenue At Cavalier
  • 843 Sherbrook Street Across From HSC