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avoid this place at all costs!!!

DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HERE! i took my car in complaining of a knocking in the front end, the staff told me it was caused by the front struts and motor mount. to fix the knock (along with brake pads/rotors) they said it would cost $2800 ?!?!?!?! I told them not to touch the brakes and just get rid of the knocking... cost $1300. they preform the work, i pick up my car at the end of the day AND THE KNOCKING IS STILL THERE. i was so frustrated with fountain tire i took my car to another mechanic and he told me the knocking was actually being caused by a broken tie rod end, not the struts at all. cost to fix knocking at a different garage... $300. the staff at fountain tire out right lied to me, replaced parts that were perfectly fine and took my hard earned money without actually fixing my problem. avoid this shop at all costs, they are a bunch of crooks

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