The Firmer, More Muscular Cousin of Feta CheeseLate to the North American lunch and dinner plate, is the concept of Arabic cheeses. Most of you are familiar with Fet,a the weaker and slightly nerdy cousin of what I'm about tosuggest. Sure, it's great in salads,but it crumbles at the slightest criticism. Who needs that drama? Try the bold personality of the firmer cheeses (e.g., Baladi, Nabulsi, Akawie), the most popular ofwhich is known as Halloumi Cheese. Halloumi is the firmer, more muscular,smooth, and creamy cousin of Fet,a that stands up well (if not improved by) the heat of your grill(or frying pan in the summer).Brushed with extra virgin olive oil and seared at a top heat, this handsome cheese is incredible to eat on it's own, or as a garnish or accompaniment to a larger dish. Let me start by giving you the basics of what to do with it.You'll need:· 1/2 pound (2-slabs) Halloumi cheese* (or what the heck, prep more and save it for later)· 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil*Cut the cheese into thick 3/4 to 1 inch slabs. More...
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Awesome place for halal meats and ethnic foods. Great service. Great people.

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Best selection of halal meat in Winnipeg. I can always find delicious and unique meat products here that I can't seem to find anywhere else.

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